In My Kitchen – June 2016

Where did the time flies? In a few weeks half of year will be gone. Since last In My Kitchen series back in April, I have been busy with sorting out life professionally, been nosy around on what’s out there on The Little Red Dot (like visited the Saveur gourmet event), and also some travelling have been under way. Cooking also been up there in the activities where I’ve tried new recipes and invited friends over – yes, first guest over Arabic themed dinner that went very well. 

Here are some of foodie delights brought from recent overseas trip. Hover over on each picture to learn more about it.


Vietnam is second largest coffee exporter. Have been wondering how to make one at home from previously purchased Vietnamese coffee. Apparently, the Vietnamese coffee shops brew one cup at a time in small filters (called the Phin). So, these coffee brands are another addition to SOTG coffee collection from Vietnam.

Macau, China

Since Portuguese colonised Macau for 443 years, the trip has been filled with culinary adventure of tasting what is left as Portuguese cuisine. Also could not leave China without tea. Discovered Puerh tea which is an aged tea from Yunnan Provice that is is processed in a special way to encourage microbial fermentation after the leaves are dried.

East Java, Indonesia

While I did not managed to visit the coffee plantation during the short visit, few information were gathered about this Luwak Coffee – thanks to that Bucket List movie who introduced this coffee to my knowledge:

  • Luwak coffee comes droppings of civet cats which eat the berries/cherries, digest them, then excrete them in their feces.
  • The famous Luwak coffees in fact come from Bali and Sumatera based on final products stocked at the airport.
  • One particular brand claimed to be organic comes from Eastern Gayo, Aceh (limited production by Hendri Kuroiwa).
  • The types and grade of Luwak coffee depends on type of berry (two berry vs one berry/pea berry), elevation where coffee tree grow (highland more expensive), and state of civet cat (roaming freely vs battery caged).
  • Due to nature of fermentation of the beans, some of claimed benefits are reduce gastric pain and stomach ulcer given lower acidic components.

Promise to keep posted as I brave myself to try all the coffee bought from all this amazing places.Stay tune!

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Hope your June has been going well. 

Live to Thrive,


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4 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – June 2016

  1. What an interesting assortment of products – the fig chocolate bar looks tempting, the luwak coffee not so much. You are a brave foodie, I’m a food wimp.

    1. Thanks for visiting this post. Not sure if I’m that brave though this one particular is something I’ve always wanted to try. Take care!

  2. Aida, the carving (or pressed metalwork?) on the Phin coffee filter is so intricate and beautiful. So are the designs on the packages of tea. I’m a coffee lover, too, but Luwak wouldn’t be my “cup o’ tea” so to speak. 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!

  3. i love vietnamese coffee – such a great chocolate-y taste. i have always wanted to taste that civet cat coffee. let us know what it is like won’t you?

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