In My Kitchen – March 2016

When I first found out about this brilliant virtual event ‘In My Kitchen’ at Orgasmic Chef from one of my favourite food blog in UAE (My Custard Pie) back in early January, I thought about participating in. Surely, I can add value to the virtual community.

But as my new kitchen in the Lion City is pretty much empty I delayed this intention – till only recently progress was made to stock up the pantry. 

So here it is before 10th of every month in order to joint the event, I will collect and summarised all things related to ‘In My Kitchen’ topic. Please join in by visiting Orgasmic Chef.

Note: Click on a picture to read more about the things in SOTG’s kitchen for more details.

United Arab Emirates – Few visit made to Dubai in February and March. I’ve bought ingredients that are very hard to get in the Lion City as to keep my kitchen alive with Middle Eastern flavour. Also bought items from India and Sri Lanka (though I suspect this can be found easily at Mustafa).

Other overseas trip – few treats here and there (mostly from my other half’s South East Asia trip).

Healthy stuff – always love to add more of this goodies to improve health and wellbeing. Love the clean range from PURE Sports Nutrition, and I recommend highly if you are into endurance sports.

Al Kansai Festival, Isetan – visit here for my experience on this Japanese food festival.

Chinese New Year – while away during the festive season in February, the following is given as gift.

Looks like beard type mushroom or fungi - gift for Chinese New Year
Beard type mushroom or fungi – need to brave myself to cook this!

Social Market at Open Farm Community – this is a monthly Open Farmers’ Market concept that I was very excited to have visited in early March.

Organic honey with Wild Bitter Gourd flavour (left) and Wild Trigona (stingless bee) Honey (right)
Organic honey with Wild Bitter Gourd flavour (left) and Wild Trigona (stingless bee) Honey (right)

I have been mostly out of kitchen in February – due to my foot injury and several overseas trip, not much cooking being done to try and post new recipe. 

Promise for more cooking projects and venture out on local cuisines while maintaining healthy lifestyle and keep up with training. 

If you read my recent race report, you would knew that I accomplished 100km race in United Arab Emirates on 5th March.

Deserve a good king size of chocolate bar I reckon.

So how are you starting your month of March? 

Live to thrive.


4 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – March 2016

  1. Wow, you have picked up a lot of food in your travels. Those rosebuds from Iran look especially lovely.

    Then I read 100km race and I nearly fell over with admiration. Congratulations!

    1. Hi Maureen, I hope to consume and enjoy cooking them. Thank you, very pleased to have finished the race all in one piece! Take care.

  2. wow such a lot of amazing things in your kitchen. those rosebuds look so pretty and fresh. good on you for doing the race. did your bad foot come before or after it? 🙂 hope it is better now.

    1. Thanks a lot Sherry. The rosebuds are dried and usually used as tea, or grinded to use as spice in savoury dish or in dessert. My bad foot happened before the race which I’ve rested sufficiently for the race. And yes, it is much better thanks. Should be up and running again soon. Had a quick look at your IMK – love the 5 min Mr P ice-cream. I must try on of these days. xx

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