In My Kitchen Feb 2017 -Time To Get Woke

Mozart ball

Where has January 2017 gone? Well, it went fast but filled with a little fun, a bit of progress and a small doze of adventure.

February approached reminding that it’s time to put on a good pace gear before it’s all too late with panic sprinting mode. I am referring to the training I will need to commit. In January I was lucky (or rather unlucky) in the draw which was announced that I have been accepted to participate in UTMB CCC race 101km 6100m elevation circumambulate Mont Blanc covering 3 countries (hence the name CCC) – Italy, France and Switzerland. Sigh, because to date I’ve not done much preparation both in vertical and horizontal distance. Watch this space as I vow this gotta change. So it’s time to get woke as symbolised by this year’s Chinese zodiac – red fire rooster.

Running aside, let’s chat on SOTG’s first In My Kitchen for 2017 categorised by countries visited as usual. Read more about IMK at the end of this article.  

Hong Kong 

1. A proud owner of this round collapsible bowl included in the goodie bag from the race I participated on last day of 2016 called Ultra Trail Tai Mo Shan (50km race) – so you know how I celebrated the New Year! This easily packed bowl is very handy for drinking soup or eating porridge suitable to bring for outdoors activities like hiking or camping – not just for ultra-runners.

2. Steaming stand to be used as based in a wok for easy steaming. Saw this in the HK local television when the chef cooked a whole steamed fish Canton style using a plate stacked on the stand in a wok filled with water underneath.

Steaming stand

3. Dried goji berries or wolfberries – The nutrient-dense berries are must buy given wide availability as mostly grown China region. I bought from one of the traditional Chinese medicine shop – plenty around in the city. Apparently they are called Gou Qi Zi and have been used in ancient medical properties for improving anti-ageing, improving eye-sight, and as general tonic. Consume daily in soup, breakfast porridge, drink as tea or make own salad dressing. If you live in the West, find this at one of local Asian grocery stores.

Dried Chinese goji berries or wolfberries

4. Dried longan – another fruit cultivated in China which high in medicinal properties. It’s also called Long Yan Rou or flesh of dragon’s eye depicted from the white flesh around black stone inside the fruit. High in vitamin C as well as minerals (iron, magnesium). Great for overall wellbeing and strengthening body. When small, I used to drink the fruit with syrup from the can. Now I am excited to experiment this dried version as tonic drink, tea or soup.

Dried longan from Long Yan Rou or flesh of dragon’s eye fruit


Mr E went to UK brought the below home as gift because I love them the first time we bought from Harrods – dark chocolate and coffee perfect combo right?. So I now got few calories in to get eyes wide open for early dawn run – what a treat. Also perfect for after dinner.

Roasted coffee beans covered in dark chocolate from The East India Company


Though I didn’t go to Salzburg where this chocolate originally made (only been to Tyrol, western part of Austria), this Mozartkugel or Mozart ball is such a great souvenir because it is regarded as a symbol of Austria named after world famous music composer – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It’s basically layer of a chocolate surrounding a marzipan centre (made from nut paste either almond, hazelnut or pistachio), nougat, and praline cream.

Pistachio marzipan in centre covered with dark praline, light praline and rich dark chocolate

Online Shopping

1. Pure Sports Nutrition: Ordered my favourite sport drinks from Drink Pure Singapore (thanks for free shipping) that carried pure New Zealand concept which I hugely adore for new season of training. Have been a fan of their hydration and recovery ranges due to freshness, clean taste, no-added chemical, preservatives and colouring. 

Pure – Blackcurrant recovery ranges, Chia superfruit electrolyte hydration, and Camelbak bottle with hydration starter kit

2. MyProtein sports nutrition supplement: Arrived today via free shipping from UK, I wanted to try this new brand which promised high quality but not breaking the wallet. Shall give my review on the products as I consume them – Coconut Oil, Whey Protein, Casein, Branched Chain Amino Acids, Nutri Purples Fruit Blend, Nutri Purples Veg Blend.

MyProtein products 

Finally, been very good to visit the local library again. The following are on dining table which I’ve been getting good cooking inspiration from to ensure I’m eating healthy. Good Good Food by Sarah Raven – a cook and also a doctor. French Alexis Gauthier’s Vegetronic conveyed vegetarian dishes for carnivores.

Good Good Food and Vegetronic
Good Good Food and Vegetronic

Before I signed off, leaving you with a slice of Austria memory during last Chinese New Year break. Happy Chinese New Year for you celebrating and observing!

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BEFORE SUNSET. Aren't we lost without light? Still thinking about last trip. That quiet moment before sun went down behind mountain which about 30 – 45 minutes before actual sunset, it wasn't really pitch-dark, so a chance for last glide enjoying what was left of daylight. Plus whole-day skis hired till 6pm, gotta make good use of them though bum and quads complained. Admired the little chapel (Seekirchl) with its rotunda baroque style stood gracefully against mountain backdrop. ❄️ #justgotbackfrom #crosscountryskiing #seefeld #austria #tirol #view #landscape #winter #travelphotography #beforesunset #instasgsunday10pm #instasgsundayRoT #travelersnotebook #traveldiary #wanderlust #seekirchl #shadow #light #travelphotography #totaltraveltag #sotgtravel

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  1. Hello Aida, happy 2017 to you! Wow, so many good things in your kitchen and interesting to read of your endeavours! Thank you for participating in IMK x

  2. yum i love coffee beans in chocolate and my fave are those Mozartkugel. I just love them! good luck with your run. it sounds like an amazing endeavour.

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