In My Kitchen April 17 – Few New Items

Staub grill pan

First quarter of 2017 has just ended and we have 9 months before it all slip away. I have been grateful for few friends visiting from the sandpit (my previous home). Fitness wise – have been making good progress with training.

Time is so precious but sometime we take it for granted. As much as I enjoy social media and holding my iPhone constantly checking new updates, it seems that sometimes this can be viewed as distraction. This distractability can hinder the simplest things in life such as simply sitting down, enjoying present moment, and thinking about things.

Speaking of time and the importance to be productive, there are few items new to my kitchen I love to share part of my In My Kitchen (IMK) contribution – more on IMK at bottom of page.

Philips All-In-Solution 

Always wanted a pressure cooker, so when discovered this on sale at one of local mall – I could not resist. Good things is it comes with 2 other functions apart from pressure cook; I can slow cook and multi cook. So far I’ve tried cooking pumpkin stew and made chicken rendang – each cooked under 30 minutes using pressure cooker. The flavour of dishes felt rich and intense. The pumpkin and chicken cooked tenderly. Aside of cooking time is reduced, the inner pot (non-stick, aluminium alloy) and inner lid are very easy clean. Yet to experiment many types of meal including making yogurt, jam, soup, cooking pasta and baking cake.

It’s really a smart machine much needed for busy women. I don’t use this everyday because I eat simple meal most of time like salad type meal, but this give me option to cook in a quick manner (while doing other things such as going for a long run and back with dinner ready to serve). Cooking in batch ( a whole chicken fits in there) means I can organise leftover for few days ahead. Having this in kitchen also an excuse to get Mr E to help out because man likes gadget right?

More details on this product read here.

Progress bar and option functions (cooking style, temperature and time)
The Philips All-in-One Viva Collection 6 litre
An auto pressure release device
Free recipe book to guide on which for function to press and what to cook for breakfast, lunch, teatime or dinner.

Staub Grill Pan 

Went to Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA SEPANG eyeing for kitchen addition of good quality cast iron after trip last year. Ended up with a 22cm grill pan with handles on both sides – it was more than half off. Not just the steaks or veges looks appetizing from the grilling stripes, the cast iron pan retains heat and slowly distributes it evenly. On healthy note, any excess fat is collected by grooves on the bottom of pan. 

Staub cast iron grill pan

Organo Gold Gourmet Black Coffee with 100% Certified Ganoderma Lucidum 

I need coffee to get me productive during day. Sometime I swap with matcha latte just so I consume some caffeine yet want to feel good. A good runner friend, Laura Holton brought this over with her while traveling to Asia. She stayed with me for few days and left a sachet for me to try which I’m yet to brave myself. Never heard this kind of coffee before.

According to Organo Gold website (a Network Marketing company), essentially this is an instant coffee that contains Ganoderma i.e. mushroom which provides a hint of nutty flavor to balance the rich, bold and smooth flavor of this coffee. Ganoderma lucidum has been used in traditional Asian culture for thousands of years. It means “spiritual potency”, while the Japanese name Reishi can be translated as “King of Herbs”.

You can purchase from Amazon.

Gourmet coffee with mushroom powder

Food items 

A visit to local supermarket (Cold Storage) made me purchased few new items that I wanted to explore in my cooking. On top of list is Korean dish – bibimbap and kimchi. The other is baking gluten free using buckwheat which is high in protein. Hover over the image below for more details.

With Easter around the corner, I wish you a happy holiday. Go easy on the chocolate intake. 

FYI – I will be away spending a week off in Cape Town – will be running a 56km race called 2 Oceans (aka the world’s most beautiful marathon), catching up with friends, and a few days enjoying one of my favourite city in the world. If you have suggestion where and what must eat – do let me know in comment below. 

Please  pop by BizzyLizzysGoodThings who compiled ‘In My Kitchen’ series on global virtual level. Starting next month Sherry Mackay, from Sherry’s Pickings, is hosting IMK.

Live To Thrive,


6 thoughts on “In My Kitchen April 17 – Few New Items

  1. You are so right with your thoughts, Aida, social media and glancing at the phone is such a time-waster. Thank you for your kind words, here and over on my blog. I’m loving your Staub grill pan. We used to sell those when I co-owned the cookware store and cooking school. They are the Rolls Royce of cast iron! Happy cooking to you.

    1. Hi Liz. Best wishes for your travel and new endeavor. I saw your book mentioned in one the IMK blogger post and love to have a copy from you one day. Hungary is in my bucket list to visit, so as Budapest Marathon x

  2. Hi Aida
    Thanks for the mention regarding next months in my kitchen I hope everything goes well with me as the new host. Love the look of your new skillet. And that coffee looks interesting I wonder what it means ? Have fun with your new slow/pressure cooker. I am never sure what the difference is if there is one 🙂 hope to see you next month

  3. Aida, I don’t own a smart phone (and hope not to) but I’ve noticed how “distracted” folks are by them. Glad to hear you draw the line on technology as need be. (Hopefully, that explains why my responses are so sporadic — LOL!) However, I’m all for smart machines “IMK”! Looks like your pressure cooker/crockpot is one of them — whatever saves precious time! Best wishes on your 2 Oceans run.

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