Pleasure of Flavour – In and Out of My Kitchen May 17

Making of natural healthy bar

It’s already May and half of this year is around the corner. How are we doing? What’s cooking for you? Time to take stock also as friendly reminder to up the game – if things not yet launching in right direction. Note to self to focus on things important and their purposes. 

I returned from Cape Town in early May after a fabulous vacation and being reunited with running friends. Brought back few amazing foodie tidbits specific and associated with South Africa  – I’d love to share below. Before that, you can find out more about my 56km race in one of the world’s most beautiful marathon here.

Biltong & Droewors – Bought from one shop in colourful Bokaap and at Pick n Pay store. Biltong came from Dutch word Bil (meat buttock or hind part) and Tong (strip) is a meat that being cured and dried originated from ancient way of preservation in South Africa. The meat can be beef and game – bought ostrich one to try. Droewors is a dry sausages in thin meat form which dried quickly. I usually enjoy biltong as a quick protein boost after my long run  and much prefer this than jerky – sweeter to my liking. 

Biltong and Doerwors

Futurelife® – Claimed to be smart food (which I agree because it’s so practical and functional) – I tasted this first time last year and hooked. Not very easy to get this range, so while in Cape Town brought back 2 big packs. It’s high in energy, protein and dietary fibre, and contain calcium, iron, selenium, zinc, essential vitamins and minerals. I consumed as breakfast and/or  meal replacement. It also support sport performance and immune system.

Futurelife smart food

Dates – This moist, sweet and sticky dates a gift from Ellen, a good friend who lives in Dubai when we met in Cape Town. Haven’t bought dates in this form before, I was curious to experiment in kitchen since I love dates as natural sweetener. Turned out to be handy in baking  given the texture – minus need to remove stones inside.

Moist. soft and sticky dates

Cape Gooseberries – On Easter Sunday, we were invited for a braai (that’s barbie for South African and you can find more under Out of Kitchen below ) at friends’ lovely beach apartment rented during the holiday. I’ve tasted some of the yummiest food and one of them is this wonderful burst of taste of Cape Gooseberries served on fresh salad. More on Instagram posted below.

Figs from Karoo – Love figs though they are very expensive on little red dot and in Asia in general. They are better eaten fresh to reap the healing properties. Still delicious despite turned out so ripe –  as posted in Instagram below.

In Kitchen Experimenting
With favourite podcast and Spotify as background in the kitchen, I’ve been a little occupied than usual making, creating and baking. 

  • Cauliflower Rice Bibimbap
Cauliflower rice bibimbap with Cape gooseberries, beetroot, avocado, seaweed and poached egg.
  • Kimchi
Kimchi – first trial using paste readily made. Good probiotic food.
  • Healthy Natural Bar – cashew, goji berries, dates


Out of KitchenBraai in Cape Town organised by our lovely host, Mr and Mrs le Roux. Felt grateful for amazing hospitality second to none. Thanks for having us over at gorgeous Sea Point apartment.

FYI – I will be in Borneo soon for a trail run in jungle and to experience local native life there. Feeling excited. If you’ve been to Borneo – please share your experience. 

Pop by Sherry Mackay, from Sherry’s Pickings who compiled ‘In My Kitchen’ series on global virtual level. 

What’s your flavour pleasure this month?

Live To Thrive,



2 thoughts on “Pleasure of Flavour – In and Out of My Kitchen May 17

  1. So many fascinating things here Aida. And you are heading to Borneo soon?! wow. such an adventurous life you have. love the look of the cape gooseberries. they sound very versatile. i am interested to hear you are able to carry fresh fruit in your hand luggage. that is such a big no-no in australia:) those health bars sound yes healthy and tasty too. i must try kimchi one day. i mean i love cabbage and chillies so what’s not to love? see you next month.

    1. Hi Sherry, Borneo trip went well so much to write about it. About your query – bringing fruit into Singapore is allowed in a small, reasonable quantity for personal use. However, a phytosanitary certificate from the country’s competent authority is required for fresh fruits and vegetables from Mexico and the South American. More details below. Yes I do aware of the big no-no in OZ and NZ – which I support 100% to protect the pristine beauty, flora and fauna of the land.It’s different here in Asia! I do know of OZ expat that carry meat (max 5kg).

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