Coffee Plantation Tour At MesaStila Resort – Must Do?

Coffee plant flowers - MesaStila Resort

Last year SOTG supposed to visit a coffee plantation in Ijen but the place closed just when I finished a 70km trail running race later in the afternoon. So when came across that MesaStila, a luxury resort in Magelang exist on a coffee plantation, SOTG was overjoyed. Not a heavy coffee drinker, but I valueRead more

Open Farm Community Social Market – worth a visit?

Open Farm Community

It may not be as (i) same calibre as produce market that SOTG used to stroll by every third Saturday of every month when living in North Sydney many years ago; nor (ii) as exotic as the increasingly popular RIPE Market in Dubai during cooler months – though rarely pay visit thanks to the busy morningRead more

Taste of Japan and All Kansai Festival

Taste of Japan and All Kansai Festival

My knowledge for Japanese cuisine is somehow limited that revolved around sushi, miso, teriyaki, udon, soba, and matcha. In fact, I used to enjoy onigiri (rice ball) during lunch break back when working in Auckland, New Zealand – pretty much every day. Then after, living in Middle East did not help much to expand the knowledgeRead more

The Power of Pure

Recent visit to Singapore Expo where my 6 hours CFA exam took place, I stumbled across Standard Chartered Marathon Sport Expo – an opportunity for brands to exhibit, promote and sell everything sports related under one roof. The usual suspect was sports drink and nutrition. Curios as always on what is new but skeptical atRead more