In My Kitchen Feb 2017 -Time To Get Woke

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Where has January 2017 gone? Well, it went fast but filled with a little fun, a bit of progress and a small doze of adventure. February approached reminding that it’s time to put on a good pace gear before it’s all too late with panic sprinting mode. I am referring to the training I willRead more

Roast pumpkin with gotu kola leaves, grated coconut and goji berry dressing

Roast pumpkin with gotu kola, grated coconut and goji berry dressing

In the recent weeks, I explored few supermarkets and wet markets on the island. Love to discover ingredients that is common and native to this region like gotu kola. I used to love this herb that came from a creeping plant. It usage varies in home cooking like as salad, soup and in curry dishes. OnRead more