Urban Ultra Hajar 100 – who said there ain’t mountain in UAE?

Finisher Medal or Bottle Opener

I hardly return for the same course. But Hajar 100 by Urban Ultra in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates is different. Could it be the surrounding rugged landscape soften with wild flowers, and patches of green grass? Could it be the camaraderie among participants and amazing people behind it? Could it be because it’sRead more

Mind The Gap – International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

One of the profound reason of my passion for ultra-running is not because I can, but is the fact that it symbolise the right of doing things I love doing. Full stop.This is not the case for everyone, a luxury for some due to many factors. For instance among women in crisis zone in certain countryRead more

Durban, South Africa Calling and Spirit of Comrades

After a fabulous first time visit to South Africa last year, the land lures me back like a lion hungry for its kill. The inspiring video from South Africa Tourism convinced it well – the you that arrives won’t be the you that leaves. Durban reminisce Auckland in New Zealand, where I spent my youngRead more