Taste of Japan and All Kansai Festival

Taste of Japan and All Kansai Festival

My knowledge of Japanese cuisine is somehow limited that revolved around sushi, miso, teriyaki, udon, soba, and matcha. In fact, I used to enjoy onigiri (rice ball) during lunch break back when working in Auckland, New Zealand – pretty much every day. Then after, living in the Middle East did not help much to expandRead more

Last Quarter 2015 – London, Amsterdam, Istanbul and Singapore: Eat and Run

2015 it's been a 'long walk'

Half of the first month gone in the new year. Somehow I felt a bit behind in moving to 2016 – you know all the good intention and action based things lined up to do. You see last quarter of 2015 have been action packed revolving around traveling, accomplished another city marathon and an ultra-race thatRead more

In My Kitchen And A Few Of Favourites – April 2016

What’s cooking in my kitchen? Well, firstly pantry looking handsome as ever. Few efforts has taken place in storing and arranging the items bought from prior months including some labeling too – which is my honest weakness.  Edible goods and kitchen gadgets from few overseas trips: Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Hanoi. Click on each pictures to learnRead more