In My Kitchen And A Few Of Favourites – April 2016

What’s cooking in my kitchen?

Well, firstly pantry looking handsome as ever. Few efforts has taken place in storing and arranging the items bought from prior months including some labeling too – which is my honest weakness. 

SOTG's pantry - flour types
SOTG’s pantry – flour types
SOTG's pantry - spices. Can you smell aroma?
SOTG’s pantry – spices. Can you smell the amazing aroma?

Edible goods and kitchen gadgets from few overseas trips: Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Hanoi. Click on each pictures to learn more.

As newbie to the island, apart from exploring new running routes, I have been in and out few different supermarkets couple with various wet or fresh markets. Goodies bought at the wet markets yielded some healthy dishes such as this roast pumpkin with gotu kola leaves, fresh grated coconut and goji berry dressing – recipe here. Conventional shopping aside, I have also tried online shopping which is very popular on the island (still uncommon in my previous Dubai). 

Other cooking efforts with fine refinement to be made before recipe can be shared. Stay tune!

A calendar in my kitchen showcased a good friend of mine, Clare Mullenger as April pin up. She is an excellent ultra runner from the UK – what a privilege to know someone who’s humble and grounded; yet talented, fast and strong. And she loves food – another common interest we had other than ultra-running. Go Clare!

Clare Mullenger's April pin up for Urban Ultra Calendar 2015/2016
Clare Mullenger’s April pin up for Urban Ultra Calendar 2015/2016

Finally, thought of adding a few of favourites read on the web, to prove SOTG wasn’t just busy in the kitchen:

  • Eat Foot Live Food: for eating scene in Singapore including issues in food and hospitality industry. Good read with critical view.
  • Sage Canaday: On why and how he missed out 2016 US Olympic Marathon Trials, plus view on doping in ultra-running.
  • Jamu Kitchen: Grew up with this the ingredients myself but really amazed at how this Dutch lady turned into cool products in UK. 
  • Interesting uncommon superfood from Rich Roll, wolrd ultra-endurance – an interview by one and only Tim Ferris.

To UAE reader, grab copy of the latest Outdoor UAE which featured yours truly write up on recent 100km race – hope you don’t mind the plug.

And please pop by Orgasmic Chef who compiled ‘In My Kitchen’ series monthly – read other bloggers listed there too.

Going to the second quarter of the year. How is your April goes so far?

Live to Thrive.


P/s: Are you on Instagram? If so, please follow me as I am active there especially when traveling – like recent Bangkok trip. Furthermore, Worldwide InstaMeet will be held during the weekend of April 22 – 24th. Singapore Instagrammers will meet on April 23 at Marina Barrage. Could not wait to connect and get to know the real person behind this platform.

2 thoughts on “In My Kitchen And A Few Of Favourites – April 2016

  1. what a neat kitchen you have. i like to put things in containers but i rarely label them. sometimes i just cut off labels and stick them in the jar. the mangosteen looks very pretty. does it taste nice ? i love vietnamese coffee. it is so delicious and has a wonderful taste doesn’t it?

    1. Hi Sherry, thanks for visited my post and sorry for taking some time to respond. The mangosteens were divine and taste sweet – I would say close to taste of ripe peach but a bit different texture. Good to know you love Vietnames coffee. Haven’t got chance to try but with recent purchase of single-cup filter and other coffee brands, I am in hurry no to taste them. Talk soon. SOTG

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