In My Kitchen – November 2016

Since the last post on this topic, there have been many events happening, so I summarised them in below. Glad that Liz Posmyk from BizzyLizzysGoodThings took over this wonderful ‘In My Kitchen’ series and at same time wish the best in health to Maureen from Orgasmic Chef, who organised this earlier.

Through various traveling in last few months, SOTG picked up few amazing things – props and foodie tidbits alike for adventures in the kitchen. 

Thailand – SOTG returned to Bangkok and visited Chatuchak market. Bought this steam set with burner so next time cooking of whole fish Asian way, it will be served warm in style.

Steam set with burner
Steam set with burner
Tray and cutting board
Tray and cutting board

Malaysia – In Kuala Lumpur, SOTG managed to grab a good deal on Le Creuset pots (26cm and 18cm) at Mitsui Outlet Park nearby Sepang KL International Airport. A very good friend in Dubai said the price were not bad at all compared to the pots she bought online from Selfridges UK during sales. So now I am a proud owner of two enamelled cast irons – one in black and another in almond.

Le Creuset pot
Le Creuset pot

In the last trip to Malaysia, SOTG went to East Coast in a state called Terengganu near Cherating Beach (used to be famous for its Club Med – now rather subdued). The coastal area famous for budu  or sos bilis among many others – a fermented anchovy sauce deliciously eaten with grilled fish and rice.

Budu from East Coast Malaysia - also known as fermented anchovy sauce
Budu from East Coast Malaysia – also known as fermented anchovy sauce

Japan – SOTG short trip to climb Mount Fuji (read report here) and to meet a good runner friend who did 3 months run for charity around Japan,  did not short of foodie adventure. Bought Castella – a sponge cake made of sugar, flour, eggs, and starch syrup. Portuguese merchants bought to Japan in the 16th century. 

Castella cake
Castella cake – soft and fine texture

Bali – SOTG first visit to this exotic island in late October exposed to exciting things to see and eat – from climbing Mount Agung to tasting coffee luwak. Here are some of discoveries Ubud market. Love the taste of salak fruit – not very sweet, a bit sour and has starchy content. The skin like snake with thin outer layer membran and comes with brown stone inside. 

Coaster and placemat sets
Coaster and placemat sets – traditional craft
Salak fruit from palm tree native to Indonesia
Salak fruit from palm tree native to Indonesia

Dubai  – SOTG shuttled occasionally to Dubai (still call home come despite not residing there), and last week an American friend came for her conference visit. She did not disappointed in bringing most item listed to bring. So my pantry smell with aroma from Middle Eastern spices once more. Shukran Ellen! And a gift of precious Bateel premium dates – best kind from UAE that includes plain and filled dates of Khidri, Kholas and Segai type.

Iranian roebuds
Iranian dried rosebuds
Various spices and nuts
Various spices and nuts (pine nuts, lemon powder, red bulghur, sumac, zaatar)
Bateel dates - gift from Ellen
Bateel dates – gift from Ellen.

Till now and a peek into SOTG’s refrigerator of what on menu in few days time. Also, in experimenting some of Forever Living products such as the aloe vera drink, Argi and protein shake – so stay tune on the result. Plus Thai sauces given by colleague of my other half who must have known how mush I love cooking. Always handy to have in pantry for last minute dressing or stir fry despite my preferences for fresh homemade sauces. The other day I simply spread spoonful of chilli jam (not hot at all) on slice of bread and there – lunch ready!

Tempeh and lontong rice
Tempeh and lontong rice
Thai green chilli lime sauce and Thai chilli jam
Thai green chilli lime sauce and Thai chilli jam

Here on the Little Red Dot, Xmas decorations are coming out. Will post those lovely decorations on the Orchard Road in next post. Before I sign off, please  pop by BizzyLizzysGoodThings who compiled ‘In My Kitchen’ series monthly from now on.

Wishing you a fabulous November ahead. My diary will be filled with training for marathons.

Live to Thrive,


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14 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – November 2016

  1. What a wonderful and interesting array in your kitchen! I don’t know which I love best!

    1. Thanks Marcellina. Look forward to make good use of them.

  2. Aida, your post was full of fascinating travels and ingredients. Thank you for sharing your “Live To Thrive” lifestyle and kitchen. (Enjoyed reading your “About” page, too.) Your fish-shaped steamer set is wonderful — so are your two new Le Creuset’s. My favorite, though, was the Bateel dates!

    1. Hello Kim, thanks for dropping by and your interest on Live To Thrive motto. Oh that Bateel dates gone in less than a week. Now I have to find excuse to return to Dubai. And your Lake Eufaula life – cant wait to read more.

  3. I love my Le Creuset cast iron casserole dishes, they produce the very best braises from the oven. They should last you forever

    1. Thanks Sandra. Really great to hear. It’s worth every penny and surely make my cooking taste better.

  4. Wow that is is lot of travel and food finds! It all looks so delicious. I find foods from travel to be the best souvenirs!

    1. Thanks Gretchen. It’s really wonderful to be able to travel and explore culture through foods. Best souvenirs indeed compared to the usual mugs/fridge magnets!

  5. so many wonderful and exotic things in your kitchen! fermented anchovy sauce sounds interesting. green chilli and lime sauce sounds very tasty. the dried rosebuds look so very pretty. I have some too and use them often to make desserts pretty.

    1. Hi Sherry glad you like the exotic things – really flavour enhancing. I will check out your blog on usage of dried rosebuds. Thanks, SOTG.

    1. Hi Nicole, thanks for visiting. The steam set above part is about 10-11 inches long, 5 inches wide and 1.5 inches depth roughhly. Pretty good size. I am about to try ways of consuming the dried rosebuds will let you know when I get around to do it. Keep in touch. SOTG

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