The Power of Pure

Recent visit to Singapore Expo where my 6 hours CFA exam took place, I stumbled across Standard Chartered Marathon Sport Expo – an opportunity for brands to exhibit, promote and sell everything sports related under one roof. The usual suspect was sports drink and nutrition. Curios as always on what is new but skeptical at same time – like there is not enough hydration choices out there already exist in the market, I sampled a particular flavoured drink.

Gastrointestinal Issue

Few issues I encountered at ultra-running races when eat and drink as well as lose and gain weight made me become sick. Water as only hydration is not sufficient to prolong athlete during long endurance exercise but more so crucial is the fluid and electrolyte balance – an individual art rather than a science. On top of this, the right combination of carbohydrate and protein to fuel and optimize performance could not be neglected.

So listening to the athlete at the booth who swore on the product and his positive experience made me considered this sports nutrient. Purchased made – no harm to give it a good go beside the discount given on the day.

Why PURE Difference

Here introducing PURE Sports Nutrition which is a premium drink powder proudly made in New Zealand from real ingredients (read: no colour, artificial, preservatives and no lab made flavours), offering citrate-based electrolytes of high contents minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium) and bring rapidly absorbed energy (from sucrose and glucose). The product claimed itself to be refreshing, clean and easy to digest even during hardest training session and endurance.

My Experience with PURE

After consuming product PURE Endurance Hydration that is designed for exercise more than 2 hours (contains a mix of real raspberries, whey protein isolate, carbohydrate and electrolytes) for about a month, here is the finding and how it went:
The brain behind this innovative and healthy product is an athlete which is fundamental to the belief that this quality product is effective. PURE is designed by brother and sister – Simon Kraak and Marewa Kraak, former New Zealand representative rower and elite road cyclist .

• In the 500g bag, 53% of it contain real fruit goodness for flavoring made from fresh fruit or juice that is freeze dried and then grinded into powdery form. Taste great and smell amazing too!

Confession – I enjoy fruit as good choice for boosting fluid intake. In 2013, 7 Emirates Run (cross country in 11 days distance 537km), I relied a great deal in variety of fruits served by the support crews. Need I tell you that I did not consume a single energy gel during the entire event?

• The source of ingredients are clearly mentioned – whey proteins and raspberries are from New Zealand. What not to love about anything grow and produce from this green and clean country?

On overall level – taste not overly sweet, gives clean feeling, no bloating and no upset on the stomach. When consumed after 2 hours on hot and humid day it quench thirst instantly and give back energy rapidly to the system. Would like to understand more on the ‘special blend of sucrose and glucose’ though, but please that no fructose corn syrup in it. Note – tested by mixing 3 level scoops of powder to make 1 litre drink.

• Sign of freshness as mixture advised to be consumed within 12 hours of mixing. While no label on packaging date, the product has expiry date that seems to last for 12 month.

Practicality of usage – well it is very easy to mix into water and carry it together with hydration bag. I carried 1 litre of this mixture in a bottle together with 1.5 litre water in the bladder on top of 1kg weight – to get used to running with some weight. So this may not work on road racing like marathon unless you carry a small sachet of the powder (shown in featured image of this post) and mix along the way. However, for ultra-running this is a great alternative to energy gel.

You see the plan was to ingest this pure power on my first multi-stages self-supported race of 140km this weekend because of the components combination of this natural endurance hydration and light to pack. Sadly, the race cancelled few days before Christmas due to lack of participants. Otherwise, I am confidence based on my usage during training it will fuel and hydrate me efficiently during the race.

Would I continue to consume it?

Pure Hydration
PURE Endurance Hydration – contains a mix of real raspberries, whey protein isolate, carbohydrate and electrolytes.

Absolutely I would consider. It’s a bit expensive (SGD 49.95 for 500g that yield 9 litres), but then again this is a quality product that give us real fruit flavor – especially on hot and humid day that really worth every cents plus without stomach distress that can be costly on race day. It is not just what our body consume but how it is absorb into all the living cell in order for the body to function at optimal level.

So while there is less than a third remaining in the bag, I am already on the lookout for other performance promising in the PURE range – before, during and recovery.

Visit their site in New Zealand or Singapore for more details. You could order online or find them at the local stockist. Afraid this is not yet available in Middle East.

Have you ever tried any of PURE product range?

Live to Thrive.