Australia Momentos – In and Out of My Kitchen Aug 17

I went back to Sydney after 8 years since I moved to Middle East (and now residing in Singapore). Caught up with good friends, rekindled with nature, got harassed by cold winter, and soaked up the city I once called home. 

In My Kitchen 
I managed to quickly grab some wonderful goodies. Wish I had more chance to buy more gourmet stuff but somehow something simple just what’s needed to remind of how wonderful food produce in Australia is. Highlight below in gallery – feel free to hover over for details and I’ve provided link to the supplier too:

  • Cherry Ripe – Never tasted this before but it is popular down under. Good coconut flavour mix with cherry. No regret for buying it.
  • Citrus from backyard – Went to good friends’ house at Epping for a lovely dinner. At about 11pm before head off, my friend dashed out to his backyard and picked some very ripe lemons and oranges from their trees. I treasured them so much that I brought home – because after life in the sandpit and now on a tiny tropical island which does not grow these fruit trees, nothing tasted so good like fruits that just being picked. Fresh produced at its best. 
  • Nut Granola – Not an  ordinary granola I must say. It delivered what being promised on the packaging ‘the best granola you ever tasted’. On side note, it’s great to know how Irrewarra won the trademark ‘granola’ battle against giant Sanitarium. Contain only natural ingredients, no additive sugar and a  product of a slow baking process –  just how I make my own granola. Love the crunchy of nuts selection in the mix from this biggest granola producer in Australia.
  • Macadamia Nut Spread – Grabbed this at the airport. Simply creamy and nutty with buttery goodness, I’ve smeared good portion on toast for breakfast and a spoonful on slices of apple for snack. What a gourmet treat from a company based in Byron Bay, who aim to produce wold’s best macadamia products.
  • Wildflower Honey – Come in beautiful floral gift box from the airport, this unique honey gathered from the native wildflower flora of Eastern Australia. Tasted light and pleasant gathered from 100% flowers of white box flowers or eucalyptus trees.
  • Baby’s food in tubes – Didn’t buy this for any baby but for my own consumption while on endurance race  of 24 hours which I yet to test. I sometime crave for salty stuff while racing, so hopefully this tuna + rice and spinach + pumpkin + ricotta pasta will fix this. But after reading review of product pulled from shelves and product not as healthy as presented – I might just not risk myself.
  • Adriano Zumbo’s vegetarian quiche Not in my kitchen technically, but I took it on plane to consume during my journey (flying with Scoot need to pay extra for food). Bought  spinach, goat cheese and blueberries quiche as it lured me when I visited the Zumbo’s Balmain store (first time there so was very thrilled) as last stop before head to the airport.Thanks to my friend (Yuz) who brought me here.
  • Gluten Free Weet-Bix – Made with sorghum, this Weet-Bix fill much denser and I felt fuller in the morning that lasted a bit longer before tummy starts growling. It came with coconut and rice puffs plus hint of cinnamon.

Out Of Kitchen 
Been to amazing friends’ kitchen – very privileged to spent time over delicious meals. Also attended Ayu and Roger’s Eid celebration function in Leura, Blue Mountain – we sort of crashed in  since we are friend of friend. In this function I met Ellen (from Wellness Mum) which I was glad that we exchanged details.

Beautiful spread of sweets and savouries
I love cheeses and olives platter
Good friends – homemade dinner at Lina and Sanjiv. Yuz brought selections of pretty dessert from Koi
Nothing better than coffee at home with dessert from patisserie Koi (owned by ex-Masterchef Australia)

Feel free to connect via my Instagram as I’m active in sharing pictures when out of kitchen – more recent  one on Sydney such as below.

What you normally bring from Australia to fill your kitchen (or tummy)?

I am positive for rest of August – few weeks left to train, fine-tuning, preparation physically and mentally for my big race in Europe. Hope your August is going fabulous. 

Pop by Sherry Mackay, from Sherry’s Pickings who compiled ‘In My Kitchen’ series on global virtual level by clicking the button below.


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8 thoughts on “Australia Momentos – In and Out of My Kitchen Aug 17

  1. It all looks do delicious! I am very intrigued by the macadamia nut butter. I wonder if I can find that here!!

    1. Hi Gretchen, I checked the supplier (Duck Creek Macadamis) and they discontinued the product now which such a shame – only if I know would stock few more jars.

  2. Hi Aida
    Thanks heaps for joining in with IMK this month. Lots of lovely things there. Yep Aussies love our cherry ripes. We have all grown up with them. Friends have recently given me limes and cumquats so I made jam. Nice to have fresh off the tree isn’t it? Glad you had a great time here. Come up to Brisbane next time :). Cheers sherry

    1. Good on you Sherry. Yes fresh off the tree is way to go – no worries on how far the fruit travel, when and what state being picked. Haven’t gone back to Brisbane since my first trip very long time ago while I was at Uni in Auckland. One day Queensland!!

  3. Everything looks amazing! Weetabix is my favourite. I am going to have to try one of those cherry rioes sometime.

  4. Aida, your philosophy on simple things and “Happy Place” thoughts provided a lovely frame of mind throughout this post. Traveling can be draining, but it sounds like you came home feeling renewed and inspired. Yay! Loved your coffee and desserts photo — the beautiful tables with friends and food, too. I agree with Gretchen: that macadamia spread sounds marvelous. Best wishes on your race!

    1. Thanks Kim. Definitely feel renewed with recent Sydney trip, glad your can sense it through the writing and pictures. Not just about the place but the people.

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