Falcon Spirit Shoes – Saucony Peregrine Best Trail Companion

Loyalist or not, when it comes to buying a good trail running shoes for racing (not merely for day to day training), I have to be honest with you that I am very picky and tend to stick to good old favourite. I may like other brands like The North Face trail running shoes where I seldom grab them when on sales, but this particular shoe from Saucony is my best race companion for 100km trail races.

Before we dive into why I’m a fan of Saucony Peregrine, let’s chat a bit on the origin of the name. Peregrine is a large and powerful falcon, in fact, the biggest of all falcon in most continent. And because I’ve been blessed to travel and  race in exciting locations this Peregrine shoes symbolised the essence of this adventure spirit – “one from abroad”, that is, a foreigner, traveller, or pilgrim (Source: Wikipedia)

So, why I like Saucony Peregrine?

  • Light – about 9oz
  • Overall protection and stability 
  • Durable
  • Suitable for a neutral style of running and comfortable
  • Heel to toe – 4mm

I bought 2 pairs (both were Saucony Peregrine 5) since I signed my life to this trail running venture and haven’t replaced them. One pair was recently used in Borneo Ultra Trail 100km. One side of the shoes showed a small part of the sole that was torn out due to casualty from one of race in Hong Kong – but I still wore it. Even a lady who ran behind me pointed out “your shoes already worn out”. As long as there’s no hole and  I can’t see my sock from the sole, this pair can serve for few more miles (perhaps not for racing).

The other pair is still newish. This model is known for being a bit slippery on a wet surface – I have done some changes to the sole.  In Chamonix at the UTMB® – World summit of trail I’ve made decision to change the sole taking advantage of the service at Vibram booth (more on this in next post). My latest trail run a few weeks ago in Vietnam was with this ‘new’ Vibram sole and after 70km, I seem to prefer the old original pair. Due to the thinner Vibram sole, I felt each of stones under my feet after some hours of running. It was uncomfortable and felt less supported too.

Off shopping for a new pair of Peregrine and happy to own model 7 – still one of the tops scored trail running shoes out there (it was also top back 4 years ago during my first purchased). They are available at discount price as the latest Saucony Peregrine 8 just being introduced to the market. For now, I’ll make do with Saucony Peregrine 7 which claimed to be lighter and better traction on various terrain. Can’t wait to tackle the trail with EVERUN underfoot protection too.

Look forward to another trail chapter with this new model. May the run be more forceful and stronger like the gorgeous powerful falcon. May I embrace the spirit of this trail adventure to bring to the next best version of athlete I can be.

If you like to purchase one, click on the pictures below which will lead you to the Amazon site.

Saucony Women Peregrine 7 Trail Running Shoe



Saucony Men Peregrine 7 Trail Running Shoe


What’s your favourite trail shoes? Have you run in Saucony Peregrine? Is this new Peregrine 7 or 8 live up to your expectations? Love to hear from you. 

Live to thrive,


P.S. On running shoe topic if you are based in the United Arab Emirates, get involve in donating your pre-loved Park Run community in South Africa.  Refer below as my Comrades buddy in Dubai is kindly championing this wonderful cause.


Disclaimer: The links to the shoes above go to Amazon, and I get a small commission through their affiliate program for click-through. 

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