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Firstly, who is the brain behind Slice Of Torch Ginger (SOTG)?

A health and fitness enthusiast who from her young age has an enduring passion for food. From all its glories and fascinating aspects of eating, creating, entertaining and sharing. Being an avid traveller, nomadic and global expat taught her to appreciate the diverse blend of culture delicious dish can offer and be adventurous in experimenting new cuisines. Shuttling between Dubai and her new base in Singapore, SOTG draws around expat experience mixing well her recovered memories, excitement, and discovery of new location.

Why and what is SOTG?

A blog in sharing a passion for full-flavour, well-balanced healthy food, living well and active living. Aside from demonstrating versatile recipes that can be enjoyed from vegans to omnivores alike, SOTG aims to bring a thoughtful platform of writing on the area of interests; food ethics, farm-to-table, organic produce, culinary discoveries, travel, and fitness. In addition, SOTG will document the journey of life continuous improvement with the aim to inspire and take charge – learning new things, living fully, and taking new challenges. To date, SOTG joins global virtual series “In My Kitchen” where items in the pantry were showcased to connect with other foodies worldwide.

Aside from food, what else will be on this blog?

Sports and fitness related with focus on running and participation in various races (road, trail and ultra distances – check out the ‘ever-growing’ accomplishments on Races page as well as plenty of racing adventure you can be inspired to such as running up to an active volcano crater in Indonesia, completed twice in Hajar 100km a tough trail race in the United Arab Emirate and came third women in 50km Runners Wild trail race in Borneo. Central to this is blog is about travel, wellness, and lifestyle in general. Recommendations, tips, product and gears review including interviews with inspiring individuals are other coverage areas.  

Expand a bit on travel and what can be expected on this blog?

My early days of travel began in New Zealand in 1996 which is my benchmark for other places visited and yet to visit. Having lived in Auckland, Sydney and Dubai (for more than 2 decades years total combined)  – the world seems to feel like home because it has given the opportunity to travel to new extraordinary places, meet wonderful people (and stay acquaintance with), explore any kind of adventures (skiing in Iran, cycling 100km in Abu Dhabi), and the comfort of returning to certain corner of the globe for its familiarity.

After a great expat life in the sandpit, suddenly the weekends of desert run becomes weekends of mountain hikes. SOTG’s current home base in Singapore brings Asia as a new playground – where Bangkok is SOTG’s Beirut, Hong Kong is SOTG’s London, and Indonesia is SOTG’s trail paradise.

Experience comes in many different ways – a luxury stay in hotel and resort is part of SOTG journey too (other than sleeping on the back of a car, self-camping in Oman and bamboo hut stay in Chiang Mai); yes, there are blogs about favourite hotel stays to retreat and replenish such as personal favourite Powerscourt ex-castle in Ireland and Mesastila boutique hotel in Java once owned by an Italian lady. From leather shoes-city trip to comfy sneakers backpacking trip – active and wellness are the essence. Apparently, a place that has both kinds of adventures is ideal!

Of course, no better way to understand a place and its people other than to explore the food, which is part of SOTG’s Taste & Travel – such as a culinary guide in Chamonix, Geneva in 24 hours, quick foodie round up for fabulous visit to London, Amsterdam and Istanbul, and finally my personal favourite Eid in Malaysia – food guide. For summary of adventures stories and travel guide you can pop by Destnations page.

With regards to food journey, have I always eaten this way?

No. Back in 2002, my very important household member, Mr E has been diagnosed with gout in his early 20s. It excruciatingly pained on the toe joint that caused difficulty in walking. Gout is a disorder that involves abnormal metabolisms of uric acid. Sedentary lifestyle and cooking style was the culprit. This was a turning point in the way I cook: the ‘how’ and ‘what’. It was also a reminder of ‘input’ and ‘output’ in food consumption that is to burn it by regular work out – which admittedly was neglected at the time.

Fast forward to today, my relationship with food had gradually taken me to experience various series of changes and diets; minimise refined carb, sugar, salt, and trans fat, finding sugar substitute, going low carb and fat, reducing meat consumption, plant-based, gluten-free, and paleo. To me, it is a relationship worth ‘going to’ for intimacy as I felt my overall wellness improved. Central to all of the discovery is how much I enjoy cooking with natural and nutrient densed ingredients, less processed, less preservatives and simply, back to basic.

Since September 2012, I had flourished as an ultra-runner (ultra being any distance beyond 42.2km). This has further impacted the way I consume food and view food.  Food for fuel and hydration to maximise athletic performance. I learned that I am not simply what I eat, rather I am what my body absorbs. Eating for digestive efficiency to get the gut work in harmony become important for my performance and wellbeing.

What is SOTG’s food philosophy?

Holistic, sustainable, big picture approach to eating and healthy lifestyle with 80/20 rules work best for me. Eat and live with an eye on balance, moderation, and practicality. What I develop is a conscious eating by asking myself: what are the consequences of eating this. I won’t say no to a piece of red velvet cake home bake by a dear friend, a croissant for breakfast when in Paris, a piece of dark chocolate post-workout treat, or that rice breakfast dish called ‘nasi lemak’ when in Malaysia.

As for the name of this blog?

The inspiration came from a unique pink flower bud of a torch ginger plant – a rare find in countries I lived in the past two decades. The aromatic fragrance, the surprising flavour and the magical taste are common in the South East Asia cuisine. The long-stemmed flower resemblance a torch define the essence of this blog – to ignite, inflame and kindle a healthy way of life.

Finally, a pat on the back and sense of pride from this blog?

Just a little pat because the best is yet to come! The writing journey has exposed SOTG to like-minded travel bloggers where I attended TBEX Asia Pacific in Manila and ITB Asia. Few of race articles being published in the glossy mags and I also write for other online travel platforms.  As a side note (shameless plug alert!), I’m the ambassador for Simply Active Asia (clean healthy nutrition company)  and Friends of Capsters (a Dutch-designed sports headgear company) to partner and promote their amazing products offering. I also spoke at Malaysian Women Marathon about the longest cross-country run (575km in 12 days) where I raised fund for a young toddler. To best knowledge, I’m the only female runner who’s completed the longest distance run across the United Arab Emirates twice consecutively through 7 Emirates Run in 2013 and 2014.

Please join SOTG, be part of a community of healthy living, inspiration seekers, travel and adventure lovers. You can subscribe for free here to receive notification of new posts or simply type keyword in the search function. To get in touch directly or connect via social media, you can find SOTG here.  She would love to hear from you  🙂

Why wait? Look forward to a slice of adventure, active inspiration, healthy, an abundance of wholefood and gastronomically rewarding future.

Picture courtesy of Modanisa

A big thank you to Modanisa for shooting the picture above and made me look ‘normal’ 24 + hours after the 110km race in Cappadocia.  

Live to thrive,

Aida. xo



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  1. Hi Dear I want to by burghul from were I can by I stain in Sri Lanka
    Please advice

    Thank you

    1. Hi Thushara, normally available at Middle Eastern shop. Try online if no kind of shop in your area. best regards, SOTG

  2. Good afternoon Dear Aida.
    Thank you for the extensive, interesting and honest feedback for the race, thank you for your kind words.
    It was nice to see you at the start of the race.
    I hope we will see you again on some trail))
    I have good and dark memories.
    Best regards and Cordially,
    Alexander TIKHONOV

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