Trail run in Saudi Arabia? EcoTrail made it possible. Plus what to do in Al Ula.

Al Ula 0220
Jabal Ithlib, Hegra in Al Ula, Saudi Arabia

Googled ‘Saudi Tourism’ and what came up on my screen as the top 2 sites were Mecca and Jeddah’s tallest fountain in the world (King Fahd Fountain). No surprised there.  I’ve travelled to Saudi Arabia many years ago for a religious visit but to come other than this purpose was something I would never considerRead more

Asia’s Best and 3 Michelin Stars: Worth Spending at Odette?

Odette 0220
6 Courses Lunch at elegant Odette Restaurant over ‘Land and Sea’ Menus.

Note: Twice Odette took home the double trophies for The Best Restaurant in Singapore and The Best Restaurant in Asia (2019 and 2020). In 2021, voted The Best Restaurant in Singapore. Brave New World & Future Since my visit back in February 2020, a new concept of à la carte French cuisine is underway inRead more

Unusual Attractions at Mt Faber: Javanese Princess Tomb, Royalty Connection, Bunker, Forgotten Reservoir and Japanese Tomb

Singapore Bucket List Free Things To Do
Keppel Hill Reservoir

Are you succumb to the mundane lifestyle on the island? The key is to keep becoming ‘tourist in the city’ and continue to discover new things. Especially when the border is still closed and no overseas travel is possible, the opportunity to tick off the bucket to-do-list in Singapore could not be more timely. Suddenly,Read more

A Singapore Bucket List Guide: Free Things To Do and See (Nature and Outdoor)

Singapore Bucket List Free Things To Do
Windsor Nature Park

In this Covid environment, with no interstate travel and strict border control, it’s all about maximising local activity. Getting outdoors and be in nature is the best way to not only keep active but ‘safer’ than indoors spaces. Singapore has sparked an interest in nature beyond my road and trail running. Interest in cycling, botanical,Read more